Essay on My Father Is The Oldest And She Has Changed The Family

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1. The way in which every person in the family was born has affected the relationship and functioning of the family in some aspects. I do not believe the way my parents were born in their families has affected the relationship, but it has the fact that my father is older than my mother. As I was growing up, I have always been able to identify that my father always plays the protector role of the family. When he has to leave the house for a couple of days or months, he has always given us a plan just in case something happens. However, in the order that my siblings and I were born it has affected the family functioning. My sister Dalila is the oldest and she has always played the role of a second mother to my brother and myself. Since my brother is the only boy my parents have always sheltered him, especially my mother. I was born the last, and since I was born I have always felt that I have to do as my two siblings say. I cannot stand Holidays at times because I am usually the one who everyone commands around while we are preparing food our decorations. My sister will be the first one to marry this coming January 2016.
2. My role in the family system I feel it has changed throughout the years. I would say that as growing up I was the screw-up, defiant while in high school. However, I was not grounded most of the times because I was considered the baby at times. While in college I felt as the Black Sheep because my sister was doing dentistry school in Guadalajara, Mexico and…

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