My Father Is Not A Father Essay

1702 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
Did you grow up without a father? For most people, the answer is no. However, thousands of children grow up every day without their dad physically or mentally being there for them. Frank Conroy, for instance, hardly even knew his father. He had only met him a few times and it was never enjoyable. The few times Frank did meet his dad, it usually ended with him trying to hind from him. Frank’s father was insane and lived in a mental hospital for a while. He left Frank, and his family, when Frank was only a toddler. The few times Frank’s dad did come back, he would chase Frank and his sister, Allison, making them fear for their lives. Because of this, Frank grew up not caring towards his father. Frank Conroy’s father was never physically there for him, leaving him to constantly search for others to fill the role of his dad; similarly, my father has not been there for me mentally leaving me to do the same. With Frank’s father gone, his mother, Dagmar, began to take the role of Frank and Allison’s father. She would try to protect her children. Once, Frank’s father escaped the hospital he was at and she had a bad feeling. She then left work to go home and found Frank’s father about to choke him. However, she was not a good mother or father figure. There were times she could not have cared less about children. When Frank was younger, she would not care about how they felt and usually left them to figure things out themselves. Her neglect of how her children felt eventually led to…

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