My Family 's Health Issues Essay

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“I know it’s been a while bro, but congratulations on graduating. Seeing that has motivated me to go back to school, so I can finish my degree. I know I have never said it, but when your family made it out it felt like we all did. Keep working bro. Much love.”
A month after graduation I received that text message from a childhood friend. It made me reminisce on my adolescent years spent in the inner city of Newark, NJ, and all the difficult times my family endured during this time. As the oldest of my siblings, certain life experiences forced me to mature rather quickly and assume responsibilities that most children would never imagine, particularly during my time in middle school when my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Lacking health insurance at the time, if it were not for my mother’s insistence my father’s cancer would not have been diagnosed until a later stage. Our lack of insurance and our financial instability resulted in many of my family’s health issues because doctor visits became a question of cost, not health. Even when medical visits were made, the proper medication was not purchased because we couldn’t afford it. Fortunately, through medical intervention my father was granted more time to live. I have witnessed the blessings my family received through medical science. Having two parents working their way into the medical field was an advantage that many of my peers did not have. So when doctor visits were not possible it could be offset by my…

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