My Family, The Most Precious And Treasured Item Essay

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Our family is probably the most the most precious and treasured item we possess. It serves as a building block to a content a proper existence and is exhibited as what we need the most to overcome life’s obstacles. They teach us an abundance of rituals and skills that are very analogous to gifts in my perspective. My family, a unique one by nature, is a physical example of what most people would call bizarre. With their childish hijinks or obscene lingo, they give bizarre a whole new meaning. Many of the thoughts that run through my head are inflicted by the maternal side of my family. The positive outlook I have on them stems from my mother and her relatives. Part of the reason why is because her side is the one that’s not completely obscured. Although not entirely lucid, some information is traceable. My mother is Wendy and her parents are Victoria Sandello and Joseph Lange. If the last names didn’t give it away, my grandmother is Italian and my grandfather is German. Usually, a person is considered a mutt, or from the lines of different ethnicities. That does not apply to my grandmother. She is known to be completely Italian due to her parents’ Italian blood. These people are Josephine Riola and Ralph Sandello. Unfortunately, the oldest family members we know of are my great great-grandmother and grandfather Victoria Nazzario and Samuel Riola. Both came from Naples, Italy and resided in New Jersey. This deemed the maternal side of my family “Neapolitans”. It seems as…

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