Mexican Family Narrative

My family and I consider ourselves to be primarily of Hispanic race and, more specifically, our ethnicity to be Mexican American. My mother’s side of the family is from the city of Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico while my father’s side is from the states of Sinaloa and Sonora in Mexico. So, it’s safe to say my family is very Mexican. Both of my parent where actually born in Mexico but were brought over to the United states as infants. However, if we go back even further three generations before me both sides of my family are actually from Germany. You read our last names on a piece of paper and you would automatically assume we are Hispanic or that we are in fact Mexican because most people just tend to believe all Hispanics are Mexican since …show more content…
My family lived and to this day still lives a middle class lifestyle. However, although my family lived a good life in Mexico they wanted more for their children and decided to get their work visas to be able to come to the United States in hope for the “American Dream.” Ironically, both my mother’s and father’s side of my family moved to Los Angeles, California and we have been Californians ever since. For my family the move was hard but not too hard because they weren’t alone like my German ancestors were. Both sides of my family had family in the United States so they didn’t ever feel alone. Not to mention because my family is middle class and lived in the U.S legally they were able to go visit their family back in Mexico very often. It’s also important to emphasize how LA is composed of a predominantly Hispanic population. Los Angeles has become a sort of safe haven for people who are Hispanic because it holds and I feel it embodies Hispanic cultures. Both my parents were raised in Van Nuys and the neighborhoods in which they lived in were simply Hispanic neighborhoods. So most of the time it was very easy for my grandparents to communicate with others since the majority around did speak Spanish. But whenever they were around people who didn’t speak Spanish it was difficult to communicate. My grandparents after living in the U.S for a few years learned to understand the English language

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