My Family - Original Writing

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I was nine years old when everything started to change. My mom and dad started renting out our building, but I had no idea what was happening. I was going with the flow. The people who rented our building was friendly. They begin to change the building into a restaurant. Everything was crazy. There was weird, drunk people around the building all the time. My family, my aunt, and my uncle’s family moved around the same time. My aunt’s family moved first, so we were helping them pack everything. When it was my family’s turn to move we flew for hours. It was horrible. My brother threw up in the airplane. It got everywhere, it was awful. When we landed in the Chicago airport. It was late night and our next flight was not until the next day; therefore, we slept at the airport. Since it was different we wanted to explore around the place. We walked around the airport finding food and drinks. We found a vending machine, but we didn’t have any United States’ currency. Luckily for us, a guy walked by and helped us out with the money. We felt so grateful for him.
When we finally reached Wichita, there we people there greeting us when we walked out the gates. I have no idea who those people were. My mom told me they’re my uncles from my dad’s side. They took us to my grandparent’s house. They had a meal prepared for us. Everyone was happy and excited that we made it here. It was in January so there was lots of snow outside, everything was covered by a blanket of white. I was super

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