My Family : My Parents Essay

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Do you feel as if your parents treat you differently than they do your siblings? Do you ever think it is because of your gender that you must play a different role than what your sibling plays? I come from a family of three siblings, two girls and one boy, and I am the youngest. My parents are divorced and my dad passed away in 2013. As if it is not hard enough trying to be the most successful of us three, I also have to succeed in the expectations that my parents have for me, as a female. My family feels as if my schooling, my work environment, and my relationships are and shall be completely opposite of my older brothers. Expectations in our family, no matter the gender, are very high and after the passing of our father, they have seem to have gotten even higher. Since I lost my father, I have thought more about the expectations he had for myself and I have followed through with them, no matter if I agree with them completely or not. Although, I should be trying to make myself happy, I would much rather live up to my expectations that he had of me.
Parental expectations for schooling in my family are definitely different depending on which child it is. My late father had a talk with me about this right before he suddenly passed away and if it were not for this talk, I would not even be writing this. As a male, my father did not think it was necessary to go to college and get a degree. My father had his expectations set that way because he never went to college and was a…

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