Modern Era Of The 19th Century Essay

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Another family infrastructure that dominated traditional China was the concubinage system (Engel, 1984). It is not uncommon to have men acquiring multiple wives in ancient China during the dynasty era. Yeh-Shen, was born into a family with two mother figures and one father figure (Yeh-Shen). This coincides with the traditional family structures that the society at the time adopted. The women in the house all considered the children’s mothers regardless of whether the wife is the child’s biological mother (Engel, 1984). Once again, this aspect of the culture prolongs the Confucius teachings that emphasize filial piety towards close kins. The focus will now turn to culture from the western world, specifically during the modern era of the 19th century in Germany. The 19th century was a time immense conflict and war in this nation as Germany was fighting for its unification against the French during the Franco-Prussian war (Howard, 1961). The desire to develop a cohesive identity as one nation was in the forefront of the society, which manifested in the psychology of the people. One pair of individuals who vocalized this was the Grimm brothers who are known for their literary accomplishment in publishing a collection of German folktales and fairytales (Roberts, 2010). According to Roberts (2010), folktales are believed to be a source of information in trying to understand the German people, indicating that historical contexts of a period has significant psychological…

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