Yeh Shen A Cinderella Story Analysis

whom they would marry” (Louie, 1982). Yeh-Shen stays true to her identity by expressing an interest to attend the festival. “How Yeh-Shen longed to go! But her stepmother had other plans” (Louie, 1982).
At the beginning of the text, readers can assume that Yeh-Shen’s family is well known and respected, partly due to Chief Wu’s occupation. It is not clear if Yeh-Shen and her stepmother maintained this status after Chief Wu’s death, but readers can assume that Yeh-Shen’s class was lowered due to the fact that Yeh-Shen has a filthy coat and wears rags for clothing. Race is not significant in Yeh-Shen A Cinderella Story from China, as all of the characters in this story are from China. As it relates to gender, single females are portrayed as being
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During the party, Cendrillon came up to kiss her godmother and hand her a cup of punch. Godmother noticed that Cendrillion’s hands were “blistered and red” (Souci, 1998). When questioned about her hands, she explained that, “my father’s wife works me like a serving-girl” (Souci, 1998). Godmother asked if her father was aware of what was going on. Cendrillon replied, “he fears Madame. But I am strong. The work hurts my hands but not my heart” (Souci, 1998). After hearing this, godmother promised Cendrillon that she would find a way to help her. The story moves forward a few years an Cendrillon has become older. As part of her daily chores Cendrillon would come to the river and happily wash her family’s clothes with the other blanchisseuses. One day, Cendrillion came to the river and seemed unhappy. When asked what was wrong, Cendrillon answered that a ball would be held that night and that she was not permitted to go. She continued to say that, “Vitaline and Mamma will go. But Mamma says I am lazy” (Souci, 1998). Godmother asked if it was really her desire to go and Cendrillion answered yes, “It is a birthday for Paul, Monsieur Thibault’s son. He is handsome and well spoken, he is like …show more content…
We start by analyzing the fixed ideas about culture. This story keeps with the tone of the original Cinderella story by portraying the evil stepmother and stepsister. This is reflected in the text, “My father’s wife works me like a serving-girl” (Souci, 1998). Another example of the stepmother’s cruelty is revealed in the text when godmother describes Cendrillon’s life, “nothing was easy for her at home. Madame and spoiled Vitaline ate dainties. Cendrillon often had only a handful of manioc flour and tail ends of codfish” (Souci, 1998). The idea that people in France have wealth and class is implied in this story. “Madame Prosperine was a cold woman, and puffed-up proud because her grandfather had come from France” (Souci, 1998). This idea is reflected again when Cendrillon enters the ball, “look how fine her clothes are! Did she come from France” (Souci,

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