Essay on My Family, My Love For Writing

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Every person has a different story, a different background, different perspectives and opinions. Everyone is unique in their own way, including me. There is a lot to know about me, but unfortunately it 'd be almost impossible to tell you everything about me on a few pieces of paper. So that 's why I 've chosen to tell you only the three most important things about me that make me who I am, my family, my love for writing,

The first thing that popped in my head when I first read the prompt to this essay was my family. My parents and I are all from mexico, meaning I am part of two different cultures. Being part of two different cultures can sometimes be confusing, and overwhelming at the same time, and trust me when I tell you that those two words basically describe my childhood. I was one when my parents and I moved here from Mexico city, meaning I can 't tell you anything about mexico because I wouldn 't remember. But growing up at home it felt like I was still living in mexico sometimes, my parents raised me speaking spanish, eating all sorts of different mexican foods, listening to spanish music, salsa dancing, etc. It all seemed normal to me in my younger years, but it wasn 't until I started school that I was introduced to a whole different culture. Back then I didn 't know much english since we barely spoke it at home, so I had a pretty rough time in school my first few years. But I was so overwhelmed with this new culture that I wanted to know more and more. It may…

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