Essay about My Family : My Dad

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My family consists of 5 people, my mom, my dad, my two older brothers and myself. We own two dogs and two birds which have been with us for quite a long time. I live with my mom, dad, and one of my brothers as the other one is about an hour and a half away going to college. I 'm the youngest in my family
I guess I will start off with my mom, who is in her mid-forties. She’s around 5’ 8”, decently thin, and has short blonde hair. I’ve always been the closest to my mom. She is a really understanding person and for some reasons I can’t comprehend sometimes she always manages to put up with me and support me. She cares about me a lot and will do pretty much anything for me and I also try to do anything I can do for her. To be a bit more specific, I have something called misophonia and because of it I find it kind of hard to communicate with people because I find a lot of my concerns irrational or annoying. When I find a hard time communicating she’s there for me and helps me a lot to ensure that I am comfortable. She’s really helped a lot and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She’s just a really sweet person in general. She 's really interesting in things like tennis and sometimes I can hear her in the shouting encouragements at the tennis players on television.
Next is my dad whom I’m not that close too but I still appreciate him. He’s mid-forties, around 6’ and pretty physically fit. Since my mom stays at home he’s what provides for our family. He somehow…

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