My Dysfunctional Family

I worked out this morning after work. I did some yoga to stretch and strengthen my back muscles. Then I did some full body strength training workouts and ran on the manual treadmill at my house. I felt refreshed and ready for the day.
I fixed my family breakfast. We had scrambled eggs mixed with potato wedges, pancakes, and sausage. It was a great experience to spend time with my family for a short moment before my father went to work and I had to go to school; while my sister and mom stayed home.
When I got back home from school, I sat down in my char in the living room. As I was relaxing, my cat Apollo came over and laid down with me on my chest. It was a surprising moment since he never comes to lay on me while I’m in my chair.
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to volunteer for the therapeutic riding lessons. Sadly, I was not able to work with the horses in the round pen or be a horse leader. However, I got the chance to connect and communicate better with the client’s and their special needs as they were riding the horses. This was great to see the excitement and happiness in their eyes.
My mother and I watched Empire. The TV show was intense and scandalous. This TV show is the true definition of a dysfunctional family. However, it’s always fun to see my mom laughing and having a good time.
After the show, my mother, sister and I decorated the house for Fall and Halloween. We were having a good time singing and dancing as we were decorating inside. I am so excited about Halloween since it’s one of my favorite holiday of the year. It gives my sister and I a chance to go out, dress- up and party.
My mother and I are going to be sure to watch the rest of the season of Empire. I will do this by giving myself enough time to make it home to watch it.
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It was great to know that both of our teams won today.
I finally got a chance to hear from my best friend who live in Virginia. He has been busy with work, school and preparing for the military. So it was great to hear about his adventurous journey in his life so far.
I hope to talk to my best friend more. I miss him dearly and I love talking to him about all the crazy experiences we go through each day.
After work, I had to fill in for chores on trash day since my sister is in Oklahoma spending time with her best friend. I picked up all the trash in the house and took it out to the curb. It was nice to smell the fresh air and watch the sunrise after I completed my chores.
I am still committing to my weight loss plan and went on a 2-mile jog. It felt amazing to feel the wind in my hair and see the trees changing colors around me.
When I got home from school, I fixed some green Chile chicken enchiladas. My parents thought they were perfecto! It was fun bonding with my family again with great conversations and great food.
I will definitely go on jogs outdoors more often because it made me feel excellent inside and

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