My Family Interview : Terry, Dana And Vern Essay

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Everyone has stressor(s) that they’ve experienced recently or in the past in their lives. For my family interviewed, I interviewed the Johnsons. The Johnsons are my neighbors, who graciously opened up about their lives and family matters. However, Johnsons are their pseudo-names due to the confidentiality. The Johnsons consists of three siblings; Terry, Dana and Vern, and their parents Lilly and Arnold Johnson.
The Johnsons are from Charleston, South Carolina. But moved to Richmond, Virginia forty years ago. They are a Christian, middle class African American family. Terry, Dana and Vern occasionally talk. However, some of their children are in constant contact with their cousins. When the family does get together; occasionally, they enjoy talking about their childhood memories, playing games and trying not to argue.
Terry is fifty years old woman. She is married to Antwan Campbell and they have two sons, twins; Marc and Adrian. Marc and Adrian are twenty years old and attend college at a local college. Terry is the youngest out of all of the siblings. Dana is Terry’s and Vern’s eldest sibling. She is sixty years old. She is a widow, due to the passing of her husband Jerry Philips. They were married for twenty two years before his passing. Dana has four daughters; Leslie, Christian, Tamara and Leanne. Leslie is thirty five, Christian is thirty seven, Tamara is forty and Leanne is forty one. She is also a grandmother of seven. Vern is fifty seven years old. She is not…

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