My Family And The Family Essay

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My Relation to the Family I have a relatively small immediate family. I grew up with two sets of grandparents, maternal and paternal. My paternal grandparents were Lou and Gladys Neitling. Lou was in the Air Force and as he aged his health declined. He and I had a wonderful and close relationship when I was a child, but he died at the age of 76 when I was in middle school. Lou would hide treasure maps and fake treasure for me to find and dig up; he enjoyed having his grandchildren around. Lou’s wife, Gladys, outlived him for roughly five years. She and I were not as close. She always loved when we visited her in Illinois, but we never had a special relationship like I did with my grandpa. She died at the age of 81 years old. My paternal grandparents had three children, my aunt Laurel, my aunt Loretta, and my father Dave. Laurel has never been close to my brother Jake, or myself even though Laurel is my brother’s godmother. Loretta, my other aunt, is my godmother and she and I have always had a special bond because she never had any daughters of her own. Usually once a year I go visit Loretta for the weekend. Laurel had two children; these are my cousins Rachel, who is 26 years old, and Tom, who is 25 years old. I never see them besides major family events, and even those occur every few years. We have never had much in common. The only commonality I shared with Rachel is we were the only female grandchildren and cousins, but even that is not enough to make our…

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