My Family And Sister, I Am Here Today Essay

1264 Words Nov 28th, 2016 6 Pages
Thanks to my family and sister, I am here today. When I was two years old, my new sister Carly was diagnosed with a rare developmental disorder, called Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS). Of coarse at the time I did not understand what this meant, but as we got older many of Carly’s challenges were things that came easy to me and other typically developing kids. One of her biggest challenges was and still is today, is communicating effectively. For instance, Carly didn’t use full words until she was in elementary school for a couple of years. Before, most of her communication was pointing or using monosyllabic repetitions when she wanted objects. At worst, she would express her thoughts and feelings through tantrums and outbursts, which usually expressed her frustration of us not being able to understand her. So from this young age I got to observe Carly and her SLP work on improving her communication, either in our home or at the clinic.
At this time I thought doing “speech” (as Carly calls it) would be a pretty cool job, since it involved working with kids like Carly and doing fun activities like playing Candy Land and making crafts. However, during my middle school and high school career becoming an SLP was in the back of my mind, it never was my first career choice. It didn’t become prominent until I entered my freshman year of college at the University of Iowa, and took the Intro to Speech & Hearing Processes and Disorders class. Throughout the semester I not only became…

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