Essay on My Family : A Parent That Loss Their Job

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Have you ever had a parent that loss their job? Well, my father did. My father owned three gas stations in Pennsylvania and came home right after work. But one day some of his employees were stealing money. My dad had no choice but to fire them and had to work at the gas station every day and stayed over at Pennsylvania. Two of our gas stations were doing badly so we sold them. My family struggle because of my dad’s work. Before the incident my dad was always home. Every day before I went to school, me and my family would eat breakfast. We would have something different; one day we would have cereal, the next day we would have eggs and bacon, and other days we would have pancakes. My mom would stay home while my dad went to work. When school was over I would come straight home and I would see my mom in the kitchen cooking or cleaning. My mom would make my lunch and when I was done I would go to my room to do homework or playing videogames. My dad would come home at 5 and he would help me with my homework. Every day me and my family would eat dinner together in the dining room around 6 or 7 and we would talk about our day. Every Wednesday and Friday if my sister and I were finished with our homework, we could watch a movie with our parents that my mom picks out from the video store and spends time like a real family. The employees were at the one of the gas stations working. No one was in there except for them; they were looking around to see if anyone was around.…

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