My Eyes And Picture What Your Life Will Be Like Five Years From Now

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Close your eyes and picture what your life will be like five years from now. Most people can perceive two or three possible scenarios of their future. For each of us, the same question prompts different visions because we each have personal desires and are unique circumstances surrounding life. This is because the human mind works in such a way that allows us to complexly perceive the past, present, and future situations as compared to our own desires. If someone were able to tell an animal to picture their future, they wouldn’t be able to do so. Animal minds are not apt enough to have any complex perception of anything other than their current situation as it is. Though human brains are more advanced than those of animals, animals do possess some beneficial characteristics that humans crave. Not only that, but when further evaluated, neither species could live without the other. Therefore, to be human is having the ability to use aspiration to perceive situations complexly, however, our relationship with animals should be one of respect.
Aspiration drives the human mind. When kids are little, they play games where they act like who they want to be like when they are older. Adults do the same thing during a bad day at work; they picture how great it would be to get that promotion they’ve been wanting. Throughout life, people look toward the future that fulfills their wants, and that’s what is used to motivate them in the choices and reasoning they use in every day life. To…

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