Essay on My Experience With My Brain

822 Words Jun 20th, 2015 4 Pages
Ever since I was a child, my education was the world. The only thing that you need to focus on, something you should shape and make proud of. I was never good at sports, singing, and any other talents that all the other kids seemed to have. Since I had so much free time being untalented, I spent my days learning to read and write, trying to achieve something. Eventually, all of this practice led me to one of my only talents, using my brain. Even though this was a long time ago, and I have actually started doing sports, my brain is still my proudest achievement. Writing was essentially the gate way to knowledge, and one of my ways to relax. I still remember when I was younger how frustrating it was to not understand something right away and be able to write something that I would be proud of. In 1st grade, there was a day I remember clearly when my frustration almost beat me. I had to write a page for the schools yearly book, which broadcasted the students work, and it had different themes for the kids to write about. I believe that year that the theme was shapes. I couldn’t really figure out what to write about, and I was slowly becoming frustrated as my turn was close, and then after an hour of slowly dreading about what I have to write about, my name was called. I went up there and I just started writing, about anything my small mind could think of. I ended up with a story about a snowman, who was made out of circles that wandered the night saving children in need.…

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