My Experience With A Killer Headache Essay

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There are few things I remember. I was painting, felt dizzy, the next thing I remember is talking to the paramedic as I was lying on the floor. I remember being in the hospital, but not going to the hospital. I remember talking to my friends in the hospital, then I remember talking to the doctors, them telling me I had had three seizures in the past two days. Three weeks later, I remember waking up on a Wednesday with a killer headache. The worst headache I had ever had, but I don’t remember how it felt. I called my dad because it was so painful and I layed on the couch and passed out. I was in the hospital and my doctor told me I was now diagnosed with epilepsy. It’s hard remembering what I actually remember from the incidents, and what I was told. Wednesday, January 14, 2015; I was getting my painting supplies for art class at school when I sat down and fell back, unconscious, on the girl behind me. I was making grunting noises and shaking, so my teacher thought I was having an allergic reaction because I had previously eaten a cookie. I was really having my first seizure. Someone ran downstairs and got the nurse. The nurse stabbed me with an epipen while someone called 911. The paramedics came and took me to the hospital where my dad met me. At the hospital I had two more seizures. One of which I hit my head on the bathroom door knob and possibly got a concussion. I don’t remember any of this but then they transported me to Children’s Hospital where I stayed the night.…

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