My Experience: Personal Experiences And Aspects Of Genetic Engineering

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o Personal Experience for Opening Sentence: The first time that I was exposed to genetic engineering was when I attended a summer Biomedical Sciences program at the University of Maryland. We learned about many aspects of genetics in the Biomedical research field and that piqued my interest and led me to the exigent topic of genetic engineering in humans. o Experience in Lab: We further studied genetics and the act of gene splicing and altering genomes in lab when we first hand inserted a different organism’s DNA into a bacteria and the activity and resistance of that bacteria completely changed. With just a small piece of DNA, we made the bacteria resistant to all antibiotics that usually could kill it and that amazed me. The same could …show more content…
¬ Effect of Biotechnology o All of my sources and articles agree on the fact that genetic engineering has many uncertainties even though they all have different opinions on whether it is ethical. o The subject of genetic engineering used to be something that was in the future but the time has now come upon us in which it is a reality! China shocked the whole world by genetically engineering the first human embryos. o Researchers have been developing technology such as CRISPR which give scientists the ability to “cut, copy and paste” DNA into whichever genomes they want or need to. o The full effect that this type of biotechnology would have on the human race can be predicted but we can never be certain. o The effect on society as a whole will also be tremendous because if genetic engineering starts to occur, society will have higher expectations and this could be potentially disastrous especially during the transition.
¬ Right, Wrong,
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Dr. Gregor Wolbring knows that the human race is not perfect and it shouldn’t try to be perfect because it will eventually just lead to discrimination.
♣ Feminist Critiques: Many scientists believe that assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF are partly responsible for the sudden interest in genetic engineering because of the need for humans to be better than one another. The process of genetically engineering a baby is not “natural” and so the chances of s problem occurring are much higher for the mothers who have to go through the procedure to have a baby using this method. Infertile couples are willing to take the risk but healthy couples could just have a baby without “designing” it.
♣ Environmental Issues: The effect that genetic engineering within humans would have on the environment can only be predicted at this point. Many opponents claim that factors in our environment could definitely be harmed and the analogy of antibiotics and bacteria are used very frequently. As antibiotics become stronger, the bacteria just keep getting stronger and stronger which could possibly happen with us. Many environmental groups have become involved in the debate so that they can protect what they

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