Rhetorical Analysis Of My Writing

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People on the outside think that there is something magical about writing. They think that you can go up into the big beautiful sky, pull out a story and come down with it, but it is not that simple. You sit at the back of a computer and work, and that’s all there is to it. Writing used to be one of my greatest fears when having to write an essay for a class. I could never start my papers on time. I always waited until the last minute to write my papers for a class. By me waiting until the last minute, my papers were always half done and not done to the best of my ability. When coming to the University of Southern Mississippi, I was terrified of having to write a paper for high school, but having to write a paper on a college level was even …show more content…
By me making myself out in outline, this made it even easier with my writing my paper. I had to get used to writing a well organized paper. With me doing this outline, it give me a sense of order and how to make my paper flow really well. While being college and taking English in college, I learn how to develop a well and clear essay. Since the first and the second paper, rhetorical analysis and argument essay, my writing has developed a lot better throughout the semester. The rhetorical analysis was about choosing a horror film that you thought was monstrous. I had to analyze the film which was The Night Mare on Elm Street and relate it to the theme of “monsters” or “monstrosity” and I had to explain how the film parts work together to create an effect of being monstrous. I thought that this essay was a essay that I could easily write on, but it was not. For this essay I had to get in debt with what was trying to be portrayed and the movie and I had to start understanding the message that the movie was trying to convey. After receiving my paper back from and reading the comments that Professor Ozborne write, that I had made a lot of good points in the …show more content…
I still struggle with making a strong thesis in my essays, but my writing skills has improved so much. I have grown from writing on a college level to a high school level. This class has made my writing skills so much better. One of the most helpful parts of the class was when before our essay was due we used to have a peer review. The peer reviews helped so much; because your classmates help you revise your essay and gave you ideas on how you can make your essay better. Writing is something that you use and everyday life and by me taking this class my writing skills has became

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