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Throughout my undergraduate and the first part of my graduate experience to become a school psychologist, I experienced a lot of doubt. Psychology was something I enjoyed and was relatively good at. I decided to keep going because honestly there was realistically nothing else for me to do. School psychology was something I would continue to pursue and try for at least a few years, and move on if I still did not “love” what I was doing.
My practicum experience erased this doubt. I have learned so much about my chosen career throughout the last few months, including relationship building skills, team decision making, how different schools implement different levels of student supports. These skills came more easily than others, but with the help of my supervisor and old-fashioned practice, I am becoming the school psychologist I want to be.
The first skill I had to learn pretty quickly was building working relationships with the multiple professionals at North Middle School. North
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I would also like to learn more about the specific roles that different faculty have, as I’ve noticed that they sometimes change according to different situations.
In talking with my friends, family, classmates, and companions at North Middle and the AEA, I really believe that this practicum experience has cemented my choice in becoming a school psychologist in Iowa. My “career interest” has now turned into a real passion, knowing that I can actually influence change in students that will help them become their best. I know that if I ever have any doubts in making tough decisions, there will be a team of academic professionals behind me to help. As long as I keep my focus on the students and not the career, I can keep becoming the best school psychologist I can

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