Field Experience Reflection Paper

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When Dr. Solic emailed to inform me there was going to be an opportunity to volunteer this semester in order to use what I am learning in a read-life scenario, I was excited. I was excited because I love working with children, and was not able to get into a class with field placement. I was also excited because learning concepts and implementing them are very different. I had the pleasure of being in my first field placement last semester and I never have learned so much from an experience. The experience of being able to talk to students, learn how they think, and connect is both fulfilling, and informative. This is why I was so ecstatic to learn I had the opportunity to practice what I learned in class in the real world. The past couple of weeks have been such an experience attending St. Agnes and I know the rest of the semester holds more opportunities for me to learn and grow as a future educator. I have enjoyed my time tutoring the kids at the St. Agnes. I find so much pleasure tutoring the children, not just because I have fun, but because I know that I am giving these students a strong literacy foundation that they can build on. …show more content…
My learning is defiantly more enriched because I can practice what I learn in the classroom everyday. In addition, I am not only affecting my learning positively by tutoring pre-literacy skills at the dayroom, but I am also enriching the children I tutor with indispensable learning. The children are learning literacy skills that they will use for the rest of their lives as future readers, and are learning skills essential for success in elementary schools. Without our guidance the children could fall behind in school without being exposed to literature. With time, I hope that students will learn and blossom into young readers. I hope continuing to attend tutoring sessions will help me to better myself and to blossom into a more effective

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