Personal Narrative Essay's As A Girl

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As a Female…

When does one come to the realization that the person everyone else sees is not the way you see yourself? When does one come to the realization that the person everyone else sees IS the way you see yourself?

As a Child…
Growing up, I never really thought about being female or acting female. I just was, and I was okay with that. I liked to shop in the girl section at Target because everything was Pink and Sparkly, because the world around me taught me that pink was a “girl” color, and “blue” was for boys. I liked to twirl around in dresses because pants were seen as too “masculine.” I thought boys were gross and full of cooties. I felt like, as a girl, I had to separated from the boys because somehow they would “ruin” my “purity”. I recall being in Kindergarten, and a teacher stopping me from playing Tag with boys because that was “too dangerous for a little girl to be doing” and that I should “play House inside.” I was weird because I preferred riding in a red mustang
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However, in a “professional” kitchen, women are seen as being too weak/fragile to work in such a stressful, hot, and demanding atmosphere. Being half-Korean and watching my mom cook all these wonderful Korean dishes, I developed a love of cooking and always pictured myself working in a Kitchen (not as a career, but a job through school that I would enjoy, and definitely beats McDonalds).
The first time I applied to work at the Keg Steakhouse + Bar, an upscale restaurant in Oro Valley, I was denied. I know that part of this was due to my lack of restaurant kitchen experience, however deep down I felt as though my gender played a big role in this. I had unknowingly caved into this “weak woman” image as I gave up hope in getting a kitchen job. I put this ambition out of my head and moved on with my

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