My Experience: My First Day Of High School

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Tell what you knew: My first day of high school seemed like the beginning of the end to me. I wasn’t really that popular, I didn’t really have the last name to fit in with the town of Marathon, and many other reason to be afraid of what might happen to me based on what I heard from others and just the plain fears. Most of my freshman year was just me trying to stay out of people 's way, with everything that has happened to me it seemed like every day was a battle to not get my head in the wrong spot. Along with that my grades weren’t the best either. I was lucky to get a B in most classes, most of the time class was the last place I really wanted to be that day along with the idea that I was never as good as the kids around me. I thought that everyone is the same and will be treated the same, and it was true everyone is the same, but as people get to become friends with others, they start to treat others differently. Most of my freshman year was going day to day trying to get out of school without any serious problems happening to me.
Sophomore year was me just trying
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My life before middle school wasn’t that great at all dealing with depression and have certain thoughts come into my head about how my life was going to end in that deal. Since the start of high school my life has turned around and has really been life changing. The search has made me realize that some things can change over the years and people can change to along with everything that happens too. My family has influenced the way I live in some cases. I only trust those who I believe in, and vice versa. Sometimes life throws you a curveball and somehow you have to hit it. I have somewhat learned how to do this, and it could still be worked on a little. I’m starting to opening up about my life and I’ve decided that finally it may help if I just say something, and get it off my

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