My Experience: My First Day At Penn Machine

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My first day at Penn Machine, I learned quite a lot. I had learned that I will be going to the Johnstown location as well as the Blairsville location. My first day I went to the Johnstown location. I went around all the offices and down around the factory and met all the employees. After that my supervisor showed me how all the IP addresses work with all the devices in the company, then he showed me logon scripts. This was really all new to me. I am more of a visual person, so in school we really do not get a lot of hands on, so working with IP addresses and with the server itself its really my weakness. My supervisor said later on we will have me set up a server and some IP addresses and get a feel how to really work with it. A couple days I finally learned how to put an IP address and a gateway address on a printer. Printers have been one of my favorite things to do, so getting to learn this was really incredible. This was something I have never really done, I usually just set up a printer automatically. For the first couple days at the company I had to do inventory around the offices and in the server room. This is a crucial part to a lot of what goes on. What this consist of is getting what the computer name is the Serial …show more content…
My first meeting for this was truly an experience. I got to sit with all the General Managers, Accounting, Operations manager and group Def. Controllers. This was the Mosaic New System Implementation for Epicor. This is actually an experience I liked yet disliked at the same time. My first day I just did not really understand everything that was going on, this is because I had not yet known how the company worked, and what the problems where. I liked being apart of something though, and it was something they said would look really good on a resume. To be apart of putting in a whole new system. Once I started understanding what needs to be done or fixed, the meetings became less

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