Personal Narrative: Jim Carrey's Life

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Throughout life, we pull inspiration from anything that we can apply to our own situations. That is to say, in our times of hardship we lean towards something that we can relate to in order to comfort ourselves. This is the case even in my life. Throughout school I struggled with grasping the information I had been taught to me. It started in the third grade when I started to comprehend less and less of my schoolwork, while the other kids were progressing. This led me to become angry at them for being smarter than me, and I started to shut myself away from my classmates which made it hard for me to make friends. I had become lonely and depressed. No one knew how to deal with my explosive attitude. However, it was at this time that I was introduced …show more content…
He grew up in a small town in Canada to a stay at home mother and a father who was a musician/accountant.(Wikipedia) Throughout school, Carrey struggled as an undiagnosed dyslexic. (” I wasn’t dyslexic, so he probably struggled more”, is what I would tell myself when comparing out struggles. However, not only did Carrey battle with dyslexia during school, but in the 8th grade, Jim and his family had to work an 8 hour evening as a custodian because his father had been fired, and they struggled just to keep a roof over their heads. Eventually they lost their house. This affected Jim 's emotions and grades. Jim became depressed because of how helpless he felt at the situation his family was in. I looked at this point in Jim’s life, and drew strength from the fact that there was someone out there who had struggled just as I did, but he overcame it. I decided to pick up arms as well in my own fight with depression by going to tutoring and seeking counseling. By age 17, Jim decided to drop out of school, move to LA, and pursue acting full time. (Scottberg) It 's around this time that Carrey had to find something to motivate himself. As a result, Carrey wrote a check to himself totaling 10,000,000 dollars for "Acting Services rendered" dated for Thanksgiving 1995. (YouTube) From 1979 (when Carrey dropped out of school) to 1994, Carrey played in multiple Sketches and Movies such as "In Living Color" and "Pink Cadillac." Then came his big break as the lead in the movie, “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective". (West) When I saw pet detective, it was an instant favorite, due to how I viewed Jim’s explosive comedic acting in the movie as how he transformed the depression and sadness in his heart into something beautiful.He now had the floor of the movie world, and that check that he wrote to himself for 10 million, he placed it in his father 's casket at his funeral. (Scottberg) Carrey went on to

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