My Experience In College Life

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“College is the reward for surviving high school,” Judd Apatow once stated. Being able to attend college is a privilege. Now after high school, college is the next step. High school was there to prepare me for college. College has always been my top destination after graduating high school. It is the place for me to have the time of my life. My first semester of college feels like it has gone by fast, but many adjustments, challenges, and excitements have played a hug role. There were many adjustments I had to make since I began college. I had to adjust to a life with no car. I had to walk to every destination or take public transportation, such as the bus, subway, or train. Without a car, I could not go out much on the weekends, so I usually …show more content…
Living in the city has been exciting for me. I come from a really small town in the high deserts. The nearest cities were an hour away. Now living in the city, I have access to many things. For example, there are many food options and stores. I was able to drive for less than half an hour and be at the next city. I also got to use public transportation for the first time ever, such as the bus, subway, and train. Also, I have been able to meet new people through clubs and living in the dorms. I was able to find more people with the same interests with me and build great friendships. I was able to adapt well to the city life with the help of my aunt and …show more content…
The transition from high school to college has many different aspects. Things have change while attending college. Now that my first semester is coming to an end, looking back at it, I really enjoyed it. I have learned so many things and gained many friendships. The semester has gone by fast and I have adjusted to the learning experience at California State University, Fullerton. As a first year, I have adjusted to the life of college, faced many challenges, and experienced exciting new things. College may not be as easy as people say, but my college journey so far have been the

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