My Experience During Commercial Banking Essay

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From my experience in commercial banking, I believe communicating effectively with other employees is vital to being successful. I believe my time within ASB has defiantly helped me with my communication skills within a professional setting. For example I now have gained:
• The knowledge of my area of expertise and how I can add value to my colleagues and clients- I have developed comprehensive knowledge of the systems and tools at ASB to complete my day to day tasks. I have also learnt a lot of people skills and how to impact clients in a positive way. This was learnt through my workshops with professionals in my organisation, where I was taught how to present myself and talk with the correct use of body language.
• Asking effective questions and giving the right answers to questions- Every question I asked my clients, I ensured that it was questions with value. I learnt to actively listen to the client and ask questions to really help understand their needs. From understanding their needs, I was able to communicate the right products that I believe would best fit their requirements.
• Been aware of misunderstandings- It is very common that there are always going to be misunderstandings or objections. I was taught by my managers on overcoming misunderstandings by taking time to really understand what the other person is trying to say. I found that face to face interaction was the best way for myself to communicate with others.
Although, I believe my communication skills…

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