My Experience Being A Handicapped Student At Lycoming College

1120 Words Oct 16th, 2016 5 Pages
After embarking upon a “handicap” adventure, it is clear that Lycoming College is in fact handicap acceptable, with a few exceptions. Being able to take a walking tour of the campus opened my eyes to the harsh realities that disabled humans face every day. It is the simple tasks that one takes for granted such as, using the bathroom, water fountain, and stairs. Furthermore, being a handicapped student at Lycoming College is manageable, but would still be a struggle at times. Additionally, I was able to explore almost every building, making detailed observations of several rooms, floors, bathrooms, and pathways. Moving forward, I will point out the specifics of a variety of buildings, here, on Lycoming’s campus. Also, I will give my perspective of my experience being handicap. Firstly, the Academic Center is one of the main buildings on campus for students to attend classes. Though, one may view this building as being “conveniently” accessible for all students, there are quite a few limitations of the building if one is handicapped. For instance, only one side of the building allows access to the second and third floors. This creates an inconvenience given the fact that one has to enter the building a certain way in order to use the elevator. On top of that, there are quite a few doors to reach this elevator if one were to enter the building from the opposite side of where the elevator is. On a side note, one simple task not mentioned before is the ability to open a door.…

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