Essay on My Experience At The United States

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Life is full of opportunities and experiences. Sometimes to explore those opportunities or experiences it is necessary to have changes in our lives. For many people a change can be difficult because they like the way they live their life, but for other people it can be exciting because they feel tired of doing the same routine every day. I experienced a change when I moved to the United States. It was a difficult change for me, but at the same time I was excited to explore new opportunities in my life. Moreover, I have been thinking about how my life was before these change. Even though I missed my usual habits, I am glad that my life had a change. When I was in Mexico, sometimes I got bored of the same routine. Every Friday I knew what to expect for the day. It felt like prison because I did not expect something exciting for the day. Moreover, my Fridays routine was, wake up at 7 am to prepare for school, my mother picked me up at 3 pm, and then we go to my grandmother’s house to have lunch with my cousins and aunts. It was fun sometimes, but I also wanted to do something different and more exciting. When I moved to the United States, I was scared of how my life was going to change. My first Friday in Chicago I did not know what to expect for the day. In a way it felt kind of strange to wake up and not know what my schedule was, but I like it because it was my time to explore something different. Every day, since I moved to Chicago, I have a different story to tell and a…

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