Essay about My Experience At The United States

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As one of the first member of my family who goes to college, things have changed over time. My story begins at a young age but, since then I see how things can changed in a small amount of time. I was 11-year-old when I moved from El Salvador to the United States. And it was the first time I saw, that things were going to changed. I came to the United States without knowing how different my life was going to be and all the changes that were about to happen. When I came to the United States I did not know any word in English. My first language is Spanish, but I was coming to a country where English is the first language people speak. And I knew this, when I stepped into the airport in Dallas, Texas. I was with my brother and my grandfather and none of us spoke English. We were lost, we didn’t know how to communicate with others. But in the hallways, I heard someone speaking Spanish and I took this chance to asked for help. And we did get the help we needed. When we arrived at our destination Charlotte, North Carolina I saw how things looked different. A few days later, is when I was going to face a big challenge. I was going to start school, I was going to be in 7th grade, and I was going to learn how to speak English. I was really excited because, I was going to meet different people, and learn how to speak English. But that excitement didn’t last like I planned. The first day of school was the scariest out of all the other days. One of the ESL teacher brought me to my…

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