Essay on My Experience At The Olive Residence Hall

870 Words Dec 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Laundry does not seem like a big issue until you are not able to wash clothes in a timely manner. In the Olive residence hall, all residences share a laundry room on the ground floor. With around 15 washers and 25 dryers to share between 429 students, there are bound to be some problems. Given that all of the machines are working, this provides a very limited amount of time and space for everyone to properly clean their clothes. My experience has included people moving my clothes with out my knowledge or permission and having clothes thrown on to tables with out care. This is a problem for many students and it could be easily avoided. A solution could be to get more washers and dyers or possibly having sets of machines on each floor.
For every one washer, there are 29 students. For every one dryer, there are 17 students. This lack of machines causes a significant problem for people trying to wash clothes. No one has yet to address this problem but it should be because it is stressful to students if they do not have clean clothes and the machines are all taken. In an interview with Kaleb Gowan, residence advisor in Olive Hall, he sates that he is “aware of the problem and is surprised nothing had been done about it” (Gowan). With Olive hall being relatively new, the laundry situation was probably not expected to be as big as it is. Many people complain about their clothes being moved or things even being stolen. Some students resort to taking their laundry home to get done…

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