My Experience At The Lecture Hall Essay

1254 Words Jun 3rd, 2016 null Page
I walk towards my bed sit down and open up my kindle, allowing myself to be lost in the world of books. The next hour or so quickly passed and I knew I had to start making my way to my lecture. I wonder what Miss Crystal has in store for us all today. I shall find out in around ten minutes, I cannot contain my excitement I know it sounds sad but writing is my actual life and I don’t think people realise.
I begin making my way down to the lecture hall wondering what we was going to learn today or even write about. I walk into the lecture hall and apparently as always I am the earliest student to arrive, damn right though I am keen and I am not afraid to show it.
Miss Crystal was really pretty and although she wasn’t a self-published author like Miss Brandy I could most definitely see the passion in her eyes for creative writing, I could see it when she was just making conversation with me.
“Pleased to meet you flower, I am Miss Crystal… I understand you have all introduced yourself to one another in Miss Brandy’s lesson yesterday morning?”
Miss Crystal is so lovely and so well spoken, I would love to know what her and Miss Brandy’s names first are, I bet they are unique. I love unique, I love people that aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd, even if it does mean that they are standing alone. It is an amazing quality to carry.
“Yes, that’s correct… My name is Artemis-Rose and I look forward to spending time with you and learning some new skills in order for me to…

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