Essay about My Experience At The Hotel After The Concert

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I 'm sitting in my room when my phone starts. "It 's me answer" starts playing in the room.

Harry had set his ringtone to him, saying that over and over again. I chuckle, then walked over to pick it up.

"Hey bub what 's up?" I smile as he sound out of breath

"Dude I met someone today and She 's incredible, I want you to meet her she 'll be at the hotel after the concert so look sharp." he demands which causes me to chuckle

"Haz I always look sharp mate. But, why isn 't she coming to the concert?" I gave him a Confused look.

"well... she doesn 't really know who we are, so it just never really came up in our conversation." Bewildered by his statement I just shake my head.

"How on earth did you pull that off?" I asked shocked.

" Well she 's heard our songs and her son.." my eyes grow wide at his words

"Son?" I interrupt shocked why on earth would he want me to go after a girl with a child! She could be married!

"yeah well, she 's pretty cool. She lost her husband about 3 years ago. She would be perfect for you, believe me Lou!" He sounded so serious about it, I knew I was just going to give in.

I sigh into the phone " ok H if you think this is a good idea then I 'll be there.

"Good now come downstairs, it 's time to go to the concert." He shouts with excitement

"Ok mate I 'll be there in a minute" I hang up then get dressed.

At the venue, we run through everything than the concert starts.

"Boys, do you think we 've had a great night" " Li asks through the mic.…

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