My Experience At The Hospitality Center Essay

747 Words Sep 2nd, 2015 3 Pages
My life is rather very complicated. Of course, I know that I’m not the only one that lives like this, and that other people may have it much worse than I do. Whether its struggle with bills or all together as a family, I still try to do the very best I can. Although we have troubles, I don’t express my emotions of that matter, but rather be who I am, which is being happy and making every day possible. I’ve done community services with my church like going to nursing homes and feeding the people at the hospitality center. I’ve volunteered as a server staff of Queen of Vietnam Catholic Church at Carthage, Missouri and academic clubs at Lamar. I come from a family of six; seven, with my grandmother included. I’m the second child out of four, and I have one older sister and two younger brothers. I was born and raised in Port Arthur, TX, but my parents thought it was best to resided to Nederland, TX for a better education. For a better education, means a lot of hard work and determination. I’m determined that I want to become a nurse, which my major is nursing. Why a nurse? All my life, I’ve always wanted to help people, especially babies. What made me decide to go for nursing was because ever since I started driving, I’d take my grandmother to all her doctor appointments and took care of her at home when she needed. Becoming a nurse isn’t easy, so my principles when I become a nurse are: 1) Although things get tough, always try to be happy when things turn out wrong. 2) Be…

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