Essay about My Experience At The First Summer Session

1830 Words Aug 3rd, 2016 null Page
I started this internship on the 27th of June I would have liked to have done it during the first summer session, however, I had to take an additional 3 credit hours before that because I wasn’t aware my remedial math course didn’t go towards my degree. I have worked for El Mexicano Newspaper for about two years now, but that was mostly as a distributive position so when I realized I needed to do an internship to gain experience this was my first choice. I have never been a confident writer before this internship and now after having done it professionally I must say that a proofreader and editor is a lifesaver. Consequently, this internship took me out of my comfort zone a lot and for a while that was touch, however I learned to adapt to that and became a better communicator because of it. The toughest part of this internship for me was probably interviewing people. Therefore, that may be the reason why I enjoyed writing about analysis pieces rather than communicative ones. Throughout this internship I have had various task that I needed to accomplish daily the most important one being researching the content that I was writing about. Most of the other tasks included some type of writing. I usually arrived at the office at 10 and ended the day at 3. My primary jobs at this internship included researching, writing articles about the current presidential campaign. A large part of my day also included interpersonal communication and meeting with interview subjects to…

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