Essay about My Experience At Panera Bread Cafe

729 Words Oct 15th, 2015 3 Pages
For me, it was very difficult to find a group of teenagers to observe, this semester I do not have any fieldwork, my train rides are short. I found out that students from the local high school near my house usually have lunch at Panera Bread café, I decided to go there and see how they interact. Normally, the half empty café feels in with a loud crowd at three in the afternoon. Students tend to stay in groups of 3-5 people. They are very loud, often not considerate of people around them. They use informal language and curse frequently. Adolescents use cell phones frequently; they like to keep their devices so others can see them, possibly, to display a nice brand (latest iPhone) or to show their enhanced social lives to their friends.
I had few opportunities to observe how adolescents communicate with each other. Their conversations are usually full of body movements, gesticulation, and touching. From my last semester fieldwork, I noticed that adolescents are often very quiet during the class. Only small group of students participated in the subject’s discussion. In informal settings, such as Panera Bread café or the train, adolescents totally change. They speak louder, take more space, and often bother older people around them. Adolescents are not embarrassed by the idea that other people can hear their personal conversations. They are less reckless and more considerate in smaller groups. On the contrary, in bigger groups adolescents try to impress each other, talk louder,…

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