The Importance Of Communication With Parents

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Register to read the introduction… Parents are much more experienced than we. However, we seldom pay attention to this fact and assert that they lived in a completely different time compared to the present. We often get irritated when our parents try to reach out by opening conversations about important issues. We used to get the wrong idea and think that parents only attempt to invade our privacy.
I agree that as adolescents we usually avoid conversing about topics such as negative life experiences, dating experiences, sexual experiences, friendships, and dangerous activities (Afifi and Guerrero). As we struggle to maintain privacy, we keep personal information and control the access to it by constructing our own
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Usually when our parents go overboard, we tend to use deception in order to conceal or omit certain information. Through this, we create an illusion of openness among our parents by giving false information about how we feel. This response is somewhat similar to pretension and lying. Although this would not help parents to understand us clearly, we prefer this kind of response just to avoid petty arguments.
There is no good in plainly using aggression, terminating the conversation, and disinterest as responses to avoid discussing certain topics with parents. In fact, these only indicate a poor communication between us and our parents. Showing parents the bad habits of yelling, being sarcastic, angry or annoyed and showing a little concern upon conversations in both verbal and non-verbal means are factors that hinder opportunities of parents to interact effectively with
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However, as responsible adolescents we should also learn how to set our limits and know the difference between privacy and secrecy. In the first place, our parents also have the right to be cognizant of what kind of realm we are currently into. We should at least try to listen to them first without being preceded by wrong impressions and be truthful as much as possible so that they would understand us and our situation better. We should not only think about ourselves in an attempt to achieve independence, but we should also realize the feelings of people around us most especially our parents, for they are the ones who truly know what’s best for us. Moreover, to sustain parent-adolescent communication parents should also be responsible for staying positive in every conversation they have with us. Taking into consideration that we are highly sensitive during the adolescence period, parents should refrain from questioning excessively, giving us lectures, overreacting, and arguing about our personal issues. It would be better if they would rather listen, observe, and make us feel that we have someone to rely on. Generally speaking, we should not completely deprive our parents of their vital role in our personal

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