My Experience At My Semester Essay example

812 Words Nov 14th, 2016 4 Pages
My semester has been going good so far. There is a lot of good things that I have done well. One thing I have done well is I have been doing good in all my classes. I have an A in Women’s Studies, Criminal Justice, HES, and a B in English. I am very proud of my grades not only because I am achieving my goal which was to get all A’s and B’s this semester, but because I think my grades are good enough for me to have a good grade point average and declare a major for the spring semester. Another thing that I have done well is I have started to be more social with people besides the friends` I already had coming into college. I talk to more people now than I did in the beginning of the semester. I realized that by me being more social with people I have learned more about the campus and different things around the city. Attending class every day is another thing I have done well with. Besides the day I was sick I have gone to class every day. I do not like missing class, I have always had this mindset that the day I miss class is the day I will miss something important so that is why I always go to class. One area that I have recognized as an area to improve upon is to not tune the teacher out in lecture classes. In my lecture classes I normally am in class for 50 minutes and that class consists of the professor talking the whole time, so sometimes I tend to get bored and tune the teacher out. When I tune the professor out I sometimes get on my computer and do other things. I…

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