My Experience At High School Essay

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Out of all the skills and knowledge I have acquired from my work experiences, business and management is one I have least. These skills are most important skill needed for my future career goals. I have acquired business and management knowledge from my education in the University of Nebraska Lincoln. To this point I have not been able to apply this knowledge in a work environment. I plan to job shadow my current manager to pick up some skills related to business and management. I have also requested to the owner for manager trainee position. With no wage increase for the position just experience related to business in management. In the summer when I have more time I plan to find an entry level management job.
My first experience being a leader was my senior year of high school being the wrestling team captain. My couches held this position at high regards, I was responsible for motivating the team during practices and meets, reinforcing team conduct, and assured everyone made weight and followed their weight loss programs. It was a challenge to figuring out how to motivate people who did not have the same passion or respect for the sport as I did. At first, I was primarily laissez-fair only giving pointers and advice to those who asked and primarily focus myself during practices. This was not the appropriate leadership/management style for this situation wrestlers began to miss practice, losing matches, and missing weight all of which the coaches held me responsible.…

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