Essay on My Experience As A Writer

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My experience as a writer has stretched through just about my entire life time. As a four year old kid I had started kindergarten and my writing career had took off fast! When my teacher first started to teach us how to write, we started with learning all of the letters and writing all the small simple words that young kids do when we are first taught to read and write, such as cat, dog, cow and pig. At this stage I had thought that reading and writing was the best thing in the world because they were so new and strange to me! It was just one of those things that I wanted to learn more about everyday as a young child.
When I started to get older and the reading and writing started to get more complex, I started to struggle with the understanding and concepts of the subject. Writing is something at a young age that I hadn 't really ever understood very well but I do enjoy the subject. There 's just something about it that relaxes me and at a young age it was an escape to go to when I was feeling upset about not seeing my dad very often due to him being in the military. When I was feeling upset when I was about eight years old I would write in a journal about all the feelings that had been going through my head and frustrations that I felt toward my dad being gone and overseas due to the military and the wars.
As life went on and the writing got more in depth and harder, I started to struggle more and more with some of the rules that English has. I have never really…

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