My Ethical Philosophy Examples

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My Ethical Philosophy: will consist of the following elements listed below and express how I should govern myself as a professional:
• Professional and having a level of tactics
• Mentor demonstrate positive role modeling
• Facilitator as an overseer
• Ethical practices that implement fairness
• Patience and a high level of tolerance
The expectations on effective ways to behave in the public sector:
• By displaying respect for adults and their peers
• Self-Motivated and engaged in their learning process
• Demonstrating an academic goal for wanting to learn
• Multicultural diversity tolerant to others socially
• Being attentive and prepared for class
Work Ethics Summary: My job ethics consist of the following elements:
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When owners of a small business start they don 't have lots of other people working for them so the owner does most of the work. 'Information Technology such as the knowing the different computer terminals will be a huge advantage of that proprietor. (2011, mainO 'Brien)" Network and Internet terminals are the primary focus. "Network is the trait to know rather than being Microsoft software to organize a budget, make your ads, collecting business intelligence and more to have stored on your computer (Smith, 2015)." The Internet terminal is having the right servers so that you can stay up with times right now social media is an excellent way to promote your business while still being very profitable. As the owner of the internet company, I would improve business ethics into the organization through the strategies such as utilitarianism. These procedures consist of two unique forms of utilitarianism, which are listed …show more content…
Some of the decision within my life have been to appease myself while inflicting pain upon others. Does this mean I was not ethically right? My thoughts are that sometimes getting to the core or some form of balance is impossible depending on your personality. For example, you break up with a boyfriend. You want to tell him the truth about your break-up. You have always been in love with someone else. You were using him for companionship while your real love was overseas on a tour of duty. You have feelings for him, just not the same as he has for you. Or do you use the cliché “it’s just not working out between us” with no validity? My thought for mentioning this notion is I think people that use the functional theory process of reflection do weigh the pro and cons and of course they think about the pleasures and grief of others due to their decision but often cop out with no reasoning at all. Then when you think about analyzing all that we have learned from the articles associated without chapters than we can see the ways that money speaks volumes, which in essences the government is will forfeit to gain strength or to excel (Ferrell,

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