My Motivation To Succeed In The Future

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I am here! As a Military Science Instructor, I am here to motivate, to engage, to teach, and help the cadets along the way. I will introduce the cadets to leadership skills, drill and ceremonies, inspections, customs and courtesies, and Army traditions. These helps the cadet succeed in the future. I train, coach, and mentor my cadets in what we call the 21st Century Soldiers Competencies. I bring my enthusiasm for the military into the classroom environment, while showing them how it is relevant to their lives. It is important for me to set high standards of performance for our cadets and myself, high expectation for what I need from them, and encourage them to meet them. Lead by example.

I am happy that the Army has afforded me the opportunity
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Many of the cadets have little to no knowledge about the military or its many functions. I find interesting ways to instill the Army values and the warrior ethos into the leaders of tomorrow. We have a shared learning experience, I learn from all my cadets. We challenge and push each other through training exercises. I have learned what motivates them, what inspires them, and most of all how to get them to work as a team. Each cadet has their own strengths, weaknesses, values and beliefs. These are derivatives from their thoughts; ethnicity, gender and culture which help build the strength within our formation. Our new leaders come from diverse backgrounds. Some cadets face additional obstacles to their educations. Knowing each of my cadets affords me the information to better instruct them, it builds their trust in me as a leader and as their …show more content…
This means that I understand that everyone has a different learning style. I pride myself in always aspiring to be better at my job and learning new skills to make me a better instructor. I aim for active participation amongst my cadets through facilitated discussions that promote lifelong learning. I offer through example and instruction the things a leader should be, know and do. I use my experience to bring relativity to the lessons being thought and encourage the cadets to do the same.
One of the foundation blocks of my philosophy is holding my cadets accountable. Cadets will develop an understanding to care for others, demonstrate followership and overcomes adversity by being placed in a role play chain of command positions. They learn very early on of the responsibility that comes with being a leader and great the honor that lies in serving a great nation. The standards and guidelines are set into policies, handbooks, and examples. They learn how to be accountable for their actions and that of their peers by understanding the need for discipline and enforcing the standards.
I would love to be able to reflect one day and see a lawyer, Senator or general that I have trained or influenced. This is well within the scope of what I do in training tomorrow’s

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