My English Experience

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Before I became a college student, I was terrified about taking English courses. The techniques for writing a thesis or an essay was something I felt I had never mastered. Above and beyond being terrified of English, I had another dilemma, I hadn’t been in a school setting for the 30 years prior to pursuing my college degree. During the years after my graduation from high school, I spent endless hours reading books. I prefer reading a book over watching a movie. My love for reading helped me to become a better writer. Subsequently, I began paying attention to the way other authors had written in books, magazines, news articles etc. While being observant of the way other writers wrote, I developed an awareness of the many mistakes I made in …show more content…
I had already done poorly in English during school, now after so many years of being out of school, I knew that I would need to take quite a few refresher courses to be successful in college English. Surprisingly, I tested higher on my Compass test than I’d anticipated. Nonetheless, I was so afraid of English that I decided to postpone the courses until I was nearly completed with the requirements I needed to graduate from MCCKC. What I didn’t realize before taking my English courses was that many of my other college classes would require me to write essays. Ultimately, I began learning how to write a thesis and format an essay. By the time, I reached English 101, last semester, I was gaining confidence in my writing abilities and received an A for that class. However, after completion, English 102 brought on a new set of anxieties for me. I figured the more I learned about English, the harder it would be for me to succeed. Once again, I performed better than I expected in English 102. Something I found to be difficult in this course was writing a research paper. This was my first attempt at writing a research paper and before this course I’d never even seen an example of one. To help me understand them better, I began looking at the way in which the research papers were formatted in the ProQuest library. In doing so, I learned some guidelines on how to write a research paper. In my opinion, I could have written a much better research essay had there not been an emergency arise during my time to research the information and write the research

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