Personal Narrative: My Experience With English

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English Experience
“Really, you enjoy English, but it involved lots of reading and writing?” That questions I always get ask when I mention that I like English. Why? I have come to like English very much because English has helped me to become a better person. It has allowed me to become a more open minded person and make me understand there are always many options available not only with English but in real life as well. It showed me that there are always many solutions to one problem. Therefore, throughout the years, I have had a good experience with English due to good teacher, books, and free writing.
My teachers in the past have made my experience with English more enjoyable in many ways. For instance, my teacher Mr. Maloney was very
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I was required to read lot of book when I was in middle. I have to take a book home and try to read it in less than a week then I was test to see if I could understand the content I was reading. Reading book made my experience with English easier because you have to read a lot in English classes and you must really know what you are reading. This also, help me learn to read faster and this is important because when you are taking many classes and have to read this could really help you read them in less amount of time. For example, I read book and how to understand English better and it not about conquering it, it about understanding it and getting along with it building a relationship because English will be in our life …show more content…
Free writing taught me that there are going to be many critics to your work but there is a good kind of critic and other that will try to put you down and as for those we must learn to ignorance them. As Les Brown said, “don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality” this only means accept feedback that is important to your success or writing. Free writing has help me , whenever I feel stress I just grab my notebook and start writing how I feel and why I feel this way. Free writing cross path with my English experience because whenever I write I make a bubble map to get ideas faster and begin to write. Similarly, I can use this same technique in school when I am going to write an essay. This will make it easier for me to begin to write and organized my ideas in a way that I can come to it and it well makes it easier for me to understand. Free writing helps me develop question that are important and relevant to my writing.
Thanks to my good teacher, books, and free writing I have had a good experience with English. It has helped me learn to express myself not only in writing but different way. Having a good experience with English is important to me because it something I will need thru my career, education and personal life. Therefore it better to conquer it by understanding it rather than to struggle with it. The better my

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