Essay on My Educational Philosophy Of Education

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My Educational Philosophy Education is one of the key ingredients to life. Teachers play a vital role in every individual’s education. Out of the four philosophies of education I’m closely related to essentialism. To be an essentialist teacher is simply teaching based on structured lessons while intertwining the experience and information adolescents will need to become successful in their future. My philosophy is based on my educational experience. Teachers are the determining factor of the atmosphere in the classroom. The most enjoyable classes for me consisted of well driven teachers who had engaging activities that accompanied their lessons. I didn’t necessarily like the teachers who did all the sharing and didn’t give the class the opportunity to provide their input. The connection with the teacher is gained through a balanced classroom engagement. The strong connection I shared with my favorite teachers ultimately helped me build my view on the way I’d like to operate my classroom.
My role as a teacher is not only to get my students prepared to transition to the next grade, but to prepare them for their future endeavors. As a teacher, I would also like to appear to my students as one of the individuals in their support system and serve as a role model for those in need of a positive figure in their life. In the classroom, I don’t want to give students free reign of the wheel, but serve as my student’s guiding tool throughout their learning experience. I would…

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