Essay My Diet Analysis : I Found The Your Diet

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Over the course of this class, I have learned quite a bit about what it takes to actually eat healthy and take care of my body. Coming into this class, I thought that I had already figured out most of what I had needed to know. Very quickly, I started to realize that there is a whole lot more to eating healthy than I had thought. Being as health conscious as I am, I immediately found the class very interesting, as it is one of the only classes that I have ever taken that can actually be applied to life on the daily. That is why I found the “My Diet Analysis” project to be extremely interesting. As I looked over the report that was generated, I realized that I had actually done a fairly decent job with the food I had been using for my training. However, if I begin to look between the lines, It is easy to tell that I could be a little more conscious of certain aspects of my diet. Of course, with every diet, some people are going to consume more of one thing than another. For me, the numbers were not all that shocking to me. As someone who does meal prepping, I am very conscious of what I eat because it will effect my results in and out of the gym. So to begin with, I did pretty well when it came to vitamins and minerals. I was shocked to find out that my vitamin C came out to 352% of my daily value! Coming in at second is my vitamin B12 at 250%. I Believe that my high amount of vitamin B12 could be from my large consumption of animal products, such as milk. My…

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