Psychology Observation Report

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My decision to pursue the Brain and Behavior program at UGA is because the research this program engages in aligns closely with the research I want to pursue in the future. I have been interested in the cognitive and neuro portion of psychology since I enrolled in my first psychology class in high school. In order to prepare myself for this career track, I began to build a strong foundational background in both the biopsychology courses and courses that pertain to diversity in psychology. I always try to ensure that my knowledge in modern psychological research is current. As a result, I have joined several psychology organizations, that sends its member 's updated studies and periodicals these affiliations include Psy Chi APA and society …show more content…
While here I got to work with the children in both one on one settings as well as dyad, which was a group setting. I also had the opportunity to work with parents and their children. I got to observe and practice ABA therapy techniques. I was also able to sit in on research meetings where they discussed the best way to improve both the Language and Learning Lab. I was extremely inspired during my time at Marcus autism center because I was able to witness how effective ABA therapy was in treating autism. While at Marcus Autism Center I also had the opportunity to work under CAP, the community Autism program. This program worked with the parents of Marcus autism participants to assure that they were practicing ABA techniques at home. In regards to CAP, I helped deliver instructional materials to parents and was also able to sit in on one on one session with parents and clinicians. Every day the researchers at Marcus are working with these children and conducting studies to ensure that these children are receiving the best care. Although there are many treatments for autism the root cause of it has been speculated. In my opinion, it is important not only to treat an illness or disorder but also to understand it on a physiological …show more content…
I am quite interested in the universities Clinical and cognitive neuroscience lab, as well as your Gene-Brain Social- behavior lab and Infant Research lab. The other labs struck my interest as well but I feel as though those three labs, in particular, are most closely related to what I want to do in the future. The faculties Members that I would like to work with are Dr. Janet Frick, Dr. Jenifer McDowell, and Dr. Michelle vanDellen. I would be interested in working with Dr. Janet Frick because she is studying learning and the development of attention in young infants. This relates closely to what I would like to do in the future, and being able to work with her would be a great opportunity. I want to work with all ages but my focal age group would be children. I am interested in working with Dr. Jenifer McDowell because she focuses on cognitive psychology. I have read many of her previous studies one of which where she and her colleagues studied children in ADHD, and ADHD is one of the disorders I would like to study in the future. In addition, I would also enjoy the opportunity to work with Dr. Michelle vanDellen; I believe studying motivation could be

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