Essay on My Dear Grandchild, By Anne Bradstreet

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The poem “In memory of my Dear Grandchild,” was written by Anne Bradstreet after one of her grandchildren died in infancy. Bradstreet herself is the speaker of the poem and she expresses her feelings on the subject in well-crafted prose as she seems to be trying to reconcile herself to the loss. The theme of the poem, as well as the form, reflect Bradstreet’s Elizabethan education mixed with her Puritan ideas and is one of her poems that particularly demonstrates her style and skill with language as well as themes that were common to her writing.
Bradstreet begins the poem by bidding farewell to the child and there is a sense of longing in her words that is mixed with inevitability. She feels sorrow for the baby’s loss, but then asks, “Why should I once bewail thy fate?” Bradstreet wonders at her own mourning when her puritan beliefs dictate that everything is already planned and settled in God’s will anyway. Her mention of God and trust that the child is in his hands reflects her beliefs, but it is also added near the end of each section, almost as an afterthought. These lines possibly express her doubt or struggle in accepting God’s will rather than typical puritan tones of submission. The poem has a tone of melancholy about it that does not match the image of a God-dependent Puritan. Instead, the poem focuses on a theme of the briefness of life as more of a tragedy and she is fuller of questions than submission to God’s will.
Although the poem does bring in a…

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